crisscross international
The CrissX constellation offers 360-degree multi-disciplinary coverage under a single umbrella

Airport tasks are intrinsically complex and multi-disciplinary. The search for solutions to big problems confronting airports is often undertaken by groups of small individuals from different disciplines working together. Thinking small enables us to support the indomitable spirit of individual inventiveness and creativity. But we also think big and possess the capacity to scale-up on projects. For this reason, CrissCross International (CrissX) is set within a wider constellation.

Our work is more often a collaborative group effort. As a group, the CrissX constellation offers broad-spectrum executable performance. It capitalises upon other related areas of specialisation, which includes baggage handling, cargo & logistics, air traffic management and so on. And CrissX has the capacity to play its part in these endeavours.

This deliberate constellation of sector specialists represents a potent consolidation of intellectual capital; a group offering 360-degree multi-disciplinary coverage under a single umbrella. As part of an integrated entity within an organisational network comprising some 19 commercially successful airports in Europe, the CrissX constellation can offer an accessible and collaborative one-stop solution.12


12. CrissCross International (CrissX) is associated with LFV Aviation Consulting AB (formerly Swedavia AB), and its extended technical base through the Luftfarsverket’s (the Swedish CAA) operations/ownership of 19 airports in Sweden.

British Association of Aviation Consultants